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Unchaste presents vol 1 Oriana Lee EP Unchaste • 2006

Tiny but cosy, short but fingerlickin good, the Oriana Lee EP is a promo copy that you can obtain for free with a purchase at clothing company Unchaste. This little EP also anticipates the release of Oriana's upcoming project 'Something To Cope'.

Although promotional copy is a way too degrading word for this nice little bundle of spoken word over Count Bass D’s trademark production. Both artists find each other blindly and Oriana’s poems (on three out of six tracks) float smoothly over the buttery, jazzy production with hypnotic samples, soulful loops and keyboard stabs. By a matter of introduction, 'A Padded Room With A View', has Count dropping only a few yet deadly metaphors ('Pockets is stuffed like a taxidermist, the heat is on, he could feel it on his epidermis') and political references ('Dick Cheney, make em strip down like a detainee') over a joyful, smooth electronic beat. The star of this EP is of course Count Bass D’s wife Oriana Lee, givin a taste of her poetical skills. Poems that are close to reality, with political, social and economical ('Freedom comes in a bar code of macro-economics and micro-chips') criticism and black consciousness. The latter is exampled in the revolutionary 'Netsanutt Ahun/Peace People', a claim for freedom and equality. The EP dozes off with a simple but fantastic Marvin Gaye loop in 'The Write Way Baby', which I’m still hummin along while writing this down.

What else than musical greatness could you expect from two independent artists with a strong cultural consciousness, a huge musical interest and a very own, creative sound? The 'Oriana Lee EP' runs not yet 20 minutes deep, but it’s already been on rotation ten times more.

POSTED ON 02|19|2006 by cpf

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