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Tame One Spazmatic Blazin • 2006

On the mic: Tame One, the Notty Headed Terror from New Jerusalem, in a former life partner of El Da Sensei in the super formation Artifacts. On the boards: Xing N Fox, a promising and creative production team whose main concern is to push the boundaries of hip-hop into new dimensions. The electrifying combination between the energetic MC and the producers’ unique production of blending heavy breaks with deep bass lines ('drum n bass-lines') and dirty electro, could already be savoured on Tame’s 'OG Bobby Johnson LP' and the first single of this project 'Da Muzik' b/w 'Let’s Get Fucked'.

'Da Muzik' pretty much represents the sound of this album. A thumping bass line, raw snares, and an electro/old school sample (Debbie Deb's 'When I Hear Music') over which Tame goes completely mad and entertains the listener with mind-boggling flows, spazmatically switchin over to some goofiness ('Crazy like a crack nigguh in the 80s') and dropping poignant punchlines ('You wanna battle? You must have a death wish, eat a mutherfucker up like a breakfast’) constantly.

The chemistry between MC and production is very tight. Like no other, Tamer Dizzle can flow over the irregular beat patterns and heavy sound, toppin of with a great chorus, mostly singin/quotin lyrics from older songs (of him and others). In 'Acid Tab Vocab pt 2' for instance, he sings the chorus of Slave’s 'Nobody Can Be You (But You)' and quotes the infamous X-Clan lines 'The red, the black, the green, with the KEYY!'. Just like 'Melody' contains extracts of Eric B & Rakim’s classic single, in words but also on a production level as the famous whistles of the original are flipped over the bombastic, slammin drums. On 'New Jerusalemz Finest', Tame drops names from the past at a murderous pace. Yep, 'Tame is goin down like the Kennedy plane', as he states in the opening song 'I Just Rock', and that’s what he does: rockin the mic like a maniac, displaying energy, creativity and a rich musical background.

Finding adequate descriptions for 'Spazmatic' is not really difficult: 'progressive, electronic, experimental, old schoolish, totally of the hook!'. It’s not sounding like anything else, this is something unique, therefore people will like it and people will hate it, but we definitely belong to the first group! (Droppin March 14)

POSTED ON 02|19|2006 by cpf

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