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Slow Suicide Stimulus Slow Suicide Stimulus FloSpot • 2006

Just after we got 'Spazmatic', Tame One is back with a new release! This time he teams up with the Dusted Dons, consisting of Govone, C-Chan and DJ Melski, a crew that already collaborated with Tame on his 'OG Bobby Johnson' album.

Energetic, lively and raunchy, they’re pissin in the mainstream and do whatever they feel like doing. Backed with homemade production from Dusted Don Govone and cuts from the likes of Camu Tao, DJ Mighty Mi ànd El-P, this album has a very consistent sound characterized by perching guitar plucks ('Say Cheese'), dusty piano licks ('Roll Up' feat Grandmaster Caz), dark bass lines ('Regardless'), morbid synths ('Regrets') and aching voice loops ('Pop Dat Thing'). In no time, it evokes the sound of the latest Eastern Conference releases (just before the label took a hiatus) and to a lesser extent, the Def Jux production, due to the appearances of many affiliates.

For instance, the driving forces behind both mentioned labels, DJ Mighty Mi and El-P, whose productions are definitely highlights on this record. Not too dark, not too bright, but still with enough melancholia and raunchiness, El’s 'Smalltown' comes right in the middle of the LP and serves as a balance and platform in an adventurous, nonchalant, old-schoolish but at the same time very 21th century soundscape. Other Def Jux/EC affiliates such as Vast Aire, kicking metaphors in 'Firewater', Cage, on the strong and illustrious 'Bi-Polar HiRollers' (which could’ve come of the 'Hell’s Winter' release), and Aesop Rock, on the heavy guitar-infused 'Akinesia', contribute to the trademark sound, now clearly inherited by Slow Suicide Stimulus.

This is a strong debut, something fresh and lively, straight-out-the-box and right in your face. However, it’s clear who the heavyweights are; Tame One, Cage and Vast Aire on the lyrical side of things, and El-P, Camu Tao and Mighty Mi on the production tip, but this only gives the opportunity for the others (Govone’s beat for 'Bi-Polar HiRollers' eg.) to give it their best, to upgrade their skills even more and to catch the public’s eye. And that’s nothing but good news for this project and the one who buys it.

POSTED ON 03|06|2006 by cpf

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