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Infinito 2017 The Soul Of Benjamin Banneker Raptivism • 2006

Hollasidewayz because Infinito is definitely not in the building once again! It’s good to see this talented lyricist and one of the hardest working MC’s in the industry have a distribution deal, so the name can be put out properly. 'The Soul Of Benjamin Banneker: The Age Of Acquarius' is the latest in Infinito’s impressive discography list and if he continues in that way, we’ll be fortunate.

Throughout the album Marcellous Lovelace aka The Regular Black Dude paves a path with tales of justice, education ('Banna Ka'), anti-discrimination, social awareness and love, freestyle-like, which makes it also entertaining, fresh ('Way To Be') and old-schoolish. Listening to Infinito’s albums is like a therapeutic session, urging you to be self-conscious, socially aware and hitting you in the face with historical, political facts. Especially towards the end of the album, where he digs through black history in tracks like 'Banna Ka', 'Poor Black Americans' and 'What About The Black Holocaust'.

With beats that bang, mesmerize and soulfully linger, this album –with 22 titles- never bores, even when the conscientious content gets on you too much. Producers such as Thaione Davis, Illmind and Molemen Panik and Memo serve Infinito’s words with jazzy boom-bap (Illmind on 'A Free Mans Soul', Fathom 9 on 'Willie Ig’nant'), soulful breaks ('9:27PM (The Day I Lost)' –with a Gill Scott Heron’s 'Winter In America' loop) and exotic tunes such as 'Tha 1 (Who Overstands)' with a hypnotic Spanish guitar ('the Pope is a Nazi, you got me?') and 'Heavens Gate (Mound Builders)' where Thaione Davis laces a dope salsa trumpet over dub bass lines. Mind-blowing is Sine’s big drum beat to 'My Resistance Is Breaking Down', where Infinito breaks it down for the love accompanied by some sweet soul singin by Fenesha in the chorus and a smooth guitar solo at the end.

Record after record, Infinito 2017 keeps building and evolving, although too often in the shadow, hopefully this album on Raptivism will give this Memphis/Chicoga resident the exposure he deserves. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, know that Illmind, Memo and Panik are on this record and you’ll automatically discover the talents, not only of Infinito, but also of other people involved.

POSTED ON 03|06|2006 by cpf

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