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Blame One Priest, Thief + Wizard N/A • 2006

With Kan Kick, Exile, Hoax One and Mr Brady on your album, not much can go wrong. Funk at its most seventies-t, jazz at its coolest and soul at its smoothest is mingled into the 13 songs of Blame One’s third full solo album. Of course, the artist has to hold his own and lace these cuts with some in-depth, refreshing and cool lyrics with a strong flow to make the album fully enjoyable.

And that’s what’s happening right here; Blame One has grown lyrically, his flow runs stronger and he perfectly feels at home over these moody Left Coast productions. Starting of with the up-tempo funk of the title track, the reggae-esque hip-hop celebration 'That’s What I Say' and Mr Brady pulling out warm sounds out of his ASR for the mesmerizing collabo 'Everliving' ('I rather make money from my 9-5 and put out CD’s') the mood is set. Blame One brags, in 'Mr Talkative' (‘keep on talking while we keep on moving right ahead of you’) and 'Micro Mute' ('I flow six million ways so fly, choose one'), praises his love in the extremely soulfully and trademark Exile production 'So Happy', and honours 'Jah' in the mystic Kan Kick banger 'Jah Is Powerful'. The industry is analyzed as Blame raps 'Who cares if 50 fucks Vivica Fox, I really think that he's talented, but his fans don't know Zev Love X, I'm trying to find where the balance is' in 'It's On Now', a Hoax One production that is charachterized by a fat funk break and rollin drums, similar to the title track, that kinda re-lives Ghostface's 'Daytona 500'.

'Priest, Thief + Wizard' is Blame One's best album uptill now and, besides People Under The Stairs' 'Stepfather', another highly recommended record that has reached us from the sunny West Coast.

POSTED ON 03|06|2006 by cpf

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