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Aceyalone feat RJD2 Magnificent City Project Blowed/Decon • 2006

Freestyle Fellowship’s most prolific and ingenious rapper asks in the opener 'All For U'; 'I’m Aceyalone how can I be of service? What else do you need beside supreme wordage?'. Well, a supreme production to match the rhymes perhaps? Picking RJD2 turned out to be the right choice, continuing the vibes of the tracks on Acey’s 'Love & Hate' album, which RJ produced and who were clearly some of the record’s highlights.

A full album opens opportunities to take it a little further: Aceyalone’s intelligent braggin, exquisite storytelling and metaphorical concepts flutter over RJD2’s amalgam of funk and futuristic electro. 'Fire' is an excellent example of the first style: an overly positive disco-funk beat guides Aceyalone’s imaginative, poetical braggin throughout this near-club anthem 'And the game ain’t mine but it will be when I’m done, right now I like to kill MCs for fun, let your mama know she’ll feel me like a son'. The futuristic electro echoes in 'Supahero', which holds a crazy synth loop and tickles of an electric guitar and has Aceyalone rappin about how he tries to get to a girl like a superstar, combined with a dash of irony 'You know I can do it, but right now my cape is in the cleaners'.

After takin us to the club and Gotham City, a scent of bud floats our way while listening to 'High Lights', a saloon story is being told in 'Solomon Jones' and the 70s funk-infused 'Junior' confronts us with a chronicle of a young dude hustling. RJD2’s melancholy returns in the instrumental interlude 'A Sunday Mystery' and brings us back to the esoteric sounds of his debut album 'Dead Ringer'. While going old-school with some heavy breaks in 'Cornbread, Eddy and Me' and throwin in some up-tempo drums in 'Caged Bird', RJD2’s versatility and craftsmanship leans comfortably towards Acey’s flexibility and over-fifteen-years-of-experience on the mic.

'Magnificent City' sounds so fresh and so clean like both protagonists be dressed on the cover art. A collaboration that was due to happen after Aceyalone’s 'Love & Hate' record. Maybe not as obvious like an RJ collabo with Blueprint or Copywrite but the utterly creative chemistry between both artists’ different personalities and sounds totals an interesting, very electrifying album.

POSTED ON 03|22|2006 by cpf

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