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Definitive Jux Presents Bucket Of B-Sides Vol 1 Def Jux • 2005

A collection of B-sides is always a hit or a miss, and mostly arouses contempt with the consumer. What’s a B-side anyway? An abundant extra, a minor remix of the original or merely a collection item for the vinyl heads to treasure? In some cases yes, but not so with Def Jux, to whom quality and innovation is as sacred as the Vatican is to Christians and Raekwon.

This CD contains 14 dope songs, which are mostly characterized by their boom-bap feeling rather than their transcending, 22th century –typical Def Jux- sound. Minimal and true to old school drum programming, this is Def Jux from another point of view. Hangar 18’s 'One Night At The Bar' for instance, featuring an excellent line-up (El-P, Camu Tao, Rob Sonic, Cryptic One and Murs) over pounding yet stumbling drums. Even Cannibal Ox comes rather a-typical with a remix of 'The F-Word' that would not have fit in the concept of 'The Cold Vein' but sounds real great outside it, especially Vast Aire’s poetical rhymes that come out very clear 'She was in a love triangle but it wasn’t like my feelings weren’t there to make it a square’.

The same goes for 'The Final Frontier RMX'; no way this would’ve sounded right on RJD2’s 'Dead Ringer' but goddamn if you would’ve passed on it. A groovy, piano-infused, mid-tempo beat accompanies clever lyrics by Blueprint, Vast Aire ('Smack a herb in his face and strike a b-boy pose'), Aesop Rock and Murs. Mr Lif’s 'Be Out' (of his first Def Jux 12”) is the summit of boom-bap with a clever Gang Starr sample in the chorus. Furthermore the remix of 'Fondle Em Fossils' (with the star-studded line-up consisting of Breeze, Q-Unique, Godfather Don, J-Treds and MF Doom), the (hardly changed as opposed to the album 'Fantastic Damage' version) original of 'Squeezee Man Shooting' and the remix of 'Dead Disnee' (who’s totally different compared to the original on 'Fantastic Damage') lean closer to the futuristic Def Jux sound and differ from the overall sound of the album.

American friends, this is exclusively released for Europe, so you’ll miss out on this compilation (unless you buy it in a few on-line shops) that consists of merely all exclusives (for those not buying records). Never released on CD before, except for C Rayz’ 'Rain Forever' (on 'Black Samurai') and the great eclectic instrumental 'De L’Alouette' by RJD2 (on 'Since We Last Spoke'). European Jukies don’t hesitate to buy this.

POSTED ON 03|28|2006 by cpf

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