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Deux Process In Deux Time Avatar • 2006

Originally from Colorado, but currently operatin with LA as headquarters, Deux Process (consisting of Vise Versa, Chief Nek and Shawn Dubb) is the Left Coast underground’s next sensation. Leaning close towards the music of The Procussions (group member Vice Versa being an ex-member while The Pro’s Stro the 89th Key produced four tracks on this album), they bring a nice, lively sound, dominated by positive lyricism and nuthin but good vibes translated through eerie jazz loops and groovy bass-lines.

Listening to 'In Deux Time' is an escape from the hush reality, entering a paraphernalia of smooth funk and soul-infused rhythms, altered with some heavy party hitters. It’s a flashback to the days when A Tribe Called Quest took Jay Dee under their wings. 'Everyday' and 'The Response' bang better than anything else in the clubs right now, with a pounding synth bass, solid snares and hypnotic piano stabs. The excellent 'My Star' deals with love issues (when on tour and such), while 'Cover To Cover' bounces off nicely with a backpack attitude. 'Sweet Music' lingers and comforts nicely in between, with guest features by Sharlok Poems ('Sweet music, givin your soul eternal hugs') and a soul chorus by Jennilee Reyes, bouncing on the edge of mainstream music. Both rappers Versa and Nek come tight with the flows, ridin the beat smoothly, and talk bout love, music and money. Not too much braggin, not too much negativity but they’re simply enjoying the fact that they’re able to put words to music and make people escape their everyday stress.

'In Deux Time' is a great debut album. The style is not new, but brings back the warm, soulful, boom-bap style of the end 90s. With a high level of freshness and an energetic, soulful and authentic approach of hip-hop, they entertain the listener from beginning to end, without havin any minor song on the album.

POSTED ON 03|28|2006 by cpf

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