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Jermiside & Brickbeats The Red Giants Rip.smash • 2006

Anticipation is a muthafucker. Longing for an album and then finding out that it’s nothing like you were waiting for is a bitch. Satisfaction is far away when your favourite rapper and producer come up with something beneath average. Far more satisfactory is when you get up in the morning, find a CD in your mail box, pull your eyebrows and think 'what’s this?', then put it in your stereo and find out that this is actually a pretty great album. For some reason you play it again and again and come to the conclusion that good albums often come from an unexpected corner.

'The Red Giants' album is such an example. Never ever have we heard of this duo, Jermiside and Brickbeats! Not in a million years. Although they both have issued a solo album and come from hip-hop semi-capitals Cincinatti and Atlanta. Unbiased and with a blank mind we started to listen and let the good vibes in. Good vibes aroused by soul samples, mesmerizing the listener, and lazy funk drums, makin your head bounce at the same time. The music is mind-relaxin, the rhymes are incentive at times but freestylishly lush otherwise. Jerm tags sharp lyrics to a multi-layered, silky sound canvas. This kinda reminds us of the first time we heard People Under The Stairs; unknown, fresh, oh so underground and lots of vibes sampled.

Yes, this album sounds pretty Left Coast and Jermiside sounds like he could enter the Living Legends crew in a minute. 'You hear them speakers bumpin? That’s my salvation. You hear them sounds pumpin? Hip-hop’s the foundation.', Jermiside rhymes in 'Soundgazin', a soulful opener with a tight bass pluck and a mesmerizing soul sample. 9th Wonder and Kanye West are not far away; 'Do Ya Thang' has a sped-up voice sample and solid programmed drums, while 'They Say' and 'Satisfied' follow the same concept but yet sound different and oh so good. In order to stay not too inherited to the 9th or Kanye legacy and keeping the album from soundin too monotonous, Brickbeats added an amalgamation of tunes; 'Pair-A-Dice Island' is straight Acapulco rhythm, 'Jealousy' and 'Cowards Course' is darker, string-loaded with a heavy bass drum and 'Beautiful Day' is straight up electro-funk.

And so 'The Red Giants' is a pleasant surprise to us. There’s a lot of resemblance with other artists, you can easily tell the influences, but through this background, they manage to create a style that will entertain every rap fan, soundin oh so smooth to the ear.

POSTED ON 04|01|2006 by cpf

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