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Termanology & DC Out The Gate Showoff • 2006

Infatuated with his love for hip-hop and his family ànd with a bundle of DC the Midi Alien productions under his belt, Termanology spins a tale of his 22-year lifespan. With a hazy almost whispery and at times timid flow, he remembers how real hip-hop used to sound like ('This is Hip-Hop'), tells the youth not to fall for the seductive money trap a rap life seems to bring along ('Motion Picture'), wraps his life story in '22 Years' and in 'Welcome 2 Da Hood', he explains how raw street life is.

Only four songs far, the listener knows who Termanology is, where he comes from and where he wants to be at. DC The Midi Alien’s piano-laced, lush and moody beats support Term’s smooth lyricism, and even get better with the songs that follow. 'Brotherly Love' is a string-infused, jazzy production that unconditionally evokes headnods from the boombap addict. On these kind of 'posse' cuts however, Term tends to fall out in regard to the guest rappers. Akrobatik rips the mic on the melancholic 'When We Were Kids'; 'Thinking back to ‘88, the memories’ll live on, the box of cereal and wrestling every Saturday morn, I remember one day I was mowing grandpa’s lawn, I had the radio outside, 'You Gots To Chill' came on' and claims all attention while Termanology even sounds impressed by the presence of Esoteric and Guttamouf on 'Ready'. Also, 'My Life' is dominated by L Da Headtoucha and the crazy DC beat. When listening to this record at first, Term’s intricate lyrics sounded pretty much over the top, and they still pretty much are, but at least he’s honoust and dares to say things that other 22-year-old tough act rappers wouldn’t do...

This album, sometimes R&B-ish, but never boring (except for 'Baby'), grows on you with every spin you give it. Include the nice scratching, the samples and oversee a few of Term’s incapabilites and 'Out The Gate' turns out to be a very decent debut album!

POSTED ON 04|17|2006 by cpf

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