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Small Eyez Vipassana The EP Mindmusik • 2006

No stranger to adversity, Small Eyez 'sees things as they really are' (= translated: vipassana). No smoke, no mirrors, Small Eyez is his critical yet relativating self and brings the 'awful truth'. Representin Ohio, he’s companied with a production that goes from soulful to heroic, put together by local producers like A-BOTS, Ms Cooley, KNetik and SaiClops, with the exception of the bonus song 'The Dream', produced by 9th Wonder.

While the album starts with the eerie, almost epical 'Inhale', the album’s vibe continues on a lush, soulful tip, with Small Eyez talkin about bringin the truth ('The Hidden Message'), chattin up women ('So Special'), dealing with his handicap ('Past, Present & Future'), depicted society ('Look Around') and his African background ('African Roots'). Reminding of a Justus League rapper or even Kanye West, Small Eyez brings nice stories with a passion, finding a solid background in the well-crafted beats, with some of them even outshining 9th Wonder’s cut.

Chances are slim you’ve ever heard of this young rapper/entrepreneur, but it’s one of those struggling artists fighting himself a way above the troubled water of rap’s infected pool of facsimiles. 'Vipassana' is not excellent, not mind-blowing but it's a decent effort and a proof of Small Eyez' persistence and lyrical tightness.

POSTED ON 04|19|2006 by cpf

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