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Basic Vocab The General Dynamic AVX Music Group • 2006

A Spring breeze from Florida has reached our office through the airwaves under the name of 'The General Dynamic'. 'About to see the fruits of our labour, we in your stores', it goes in the opening track 'Intense': this is the debut effort of Basic Vocab, consisting of rappers JL Sorell, Mental Growth and producer Tony Galvin; a refreshing music odyssey with political, social or just havin-fun songs with jazzy underground tunes twisted from Galvin’s keyboard.

But wait a minute, Tony Galvin? No, this is not the former football player of Tottenham Hotspurs but the producer for late 80s/early 90s R&B acts, Pudgee The Phat Bastard, Luke, I.T., Mystical, Trick Daddy and most recently Dave Ghetto. Being one of the most versatile beatmakers in rap today, he’s the mind behind R&B lullabies, Dirty South hit singles as well as a few releases on the quality underground label Counterflow Rec, following the path of the latter on this album. Eerie organs and piano arrangements are mixed with a few samples here and there, provin Tony G’s years of experience and utterly analytic music knowledge. Witness a jazz-infected soundtrack to smooth, entertaining and serious raps dealin with Iraq war ('Fallen One' and 'Watching You'), marketing offensiveness ('The Trap'), and love ('Come Get With It', 'Sex'). The lyrics are fresh and creative ('I couldn’t wait to attack like George Bush in Iraq', subtle criticism disguised as seduction rap!) due to the high amount of metaphors that are imaginative ('Unexplained like David Blaine pumpin street magic'), sometimes obvious ('Even if your music was Braille they wouldn’t feel you'). Passing the venue too is two earlier released songs on Counterflow Rec; 'Fly That Good', also one of the highlights of Dave Ghetto's 'Love Life?' album and Basic Vocab’s first single on Counterflow; the mesmerizing work ethic and escapism of 'Our Day In The Sun', the closing theme of this album, topping off with lightheaded soul.

'The General Dynamic' is an excellent soundtrack to Spring season. Basic Vocab is a crew that sticks together, bringin forth a fresh, cohesive vibe, peddling against the crunk stream of music of the Southern hip-hop scene, to which the producer of the album ironically contributes himself and proves that eventually music is…music. Call it ironically or genius, fact is that this album feels real good to the Eustachian.

POSTED ON 05|24|2006 by cpf

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