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Deep Rooted The Second Coming OpenMyndz • 2006

'Pick a magazine up, I’m sure you read about us' (Or just go on-line and read a hiphopzine!). Has this left our stereo for a minute? Wethinks not. Deep Rooted is back at it again. Mr Brady, Johaz, DJ Artistic and Brea are celebrating their second coming with this wonderful, feel-good celebration of hip-hop. 'This that feel-good music yo, vibe with us', Mr Brady proclaims in 'Celebrate'. 'Keep peace upon my mind while you stay stressed', this is music to relax to, music that’s therapeutic for the mind and soul. 'Now let me take you high like a magic carpet'. Sit back and put the volume up another notch, Deep Rooted is here to entertain you. 'Overlooked, but in a minute that’ll all change'.

The group has clearly evolved since their already terrific debut 'A New Beginning'. Every member has grown and shines equally on the album; Mr Brady with his deep, weed-insented 'mahogany tongue' and strength in words ('my mind workin like a militant'), Johaz with his dirty, raw flow and motivation ('See I rhyme like nigguh got a gun to my head') and Brea blessin each song with her siren voice. The presence of Brea is bigger than on the first album and she has clearly integrated in the group, addin a more soulful touch to it. Metaphors that outshine in quirkiness and sometimes blatant pretence 'We laid-back like a summertime barbecue, I know you got a kid, but here’s something you can swallow too', freshness 'Call a doctor I’m incredibly ill, try to keep the party pumpin like a pregnancy pill' and messages that are drained in heartfelt honesty, passion ('Always do, never try') and therefore enhancing a drive seldom seen in hip-hop, are the album’s main ingredients. So passionate that notable guest emcees such as OneBeLo, Aloe Blacc, Oh No, Main Flow, Abstract Rude and label mate Sha Dula can’t beat them on a lyrical level, but merely assist. Okay, except maybe for the enravishing Planet Asia on 'All The Way', with a monster DJ Artistic and DJ Taze production, ''Bury my bones in Africa, one of the greatest poets, with my face plastered in Rome'.

Half of the album is produced by Mr Brady himself, pullin warm, soulful headnodders out of his EPS annex Ensoniq. In one song, 'Weekdays', Brady describes his love for producin 'I know I find my queen someday, so I hit the studio from Sunday to Monday'. Other beats are crafted by Jake One ('Memories'), DJ Artistic ('Can’t Let Go', 'All The Way'), B Dum ('Miles Away'), Oh No ('Feel Good Music') and G Rocka, who blessed the closing song 'Pay Dues'.

'The Second Coming' is the perfect remedy for a bad day, the ultimate soundtrack to a summer weekend or a backyard party. 'Shine, like the sun that’s sizzling, we boost your adrenaline, swinging like Wimbledon' they rap in 'Shine'. Deep Rooted has grown, now it’s up to the world to follow. 'I leave my kids in yo mouth like the Neverland ranch, Joheezy, Mr Brady the Dread, Deep Rooted, Second Coming, keep bangin yo head''!

POSTED ON 06|13|2006 by cpf

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