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Ayatollah Listen Soundchron • 2006

Only a few months after ‘Now Playing’, here’s another episode of Ayatollah’s instrumental series. Already having three instrumental albums in his discography notes (‘Personal Legend Vol 1’, ‘So Many Reasons To Rhyme’ being the other two), Ayatollah’s beat reservatory seems to be far from empty. Known for productions for hip-hop veterans such as Rakim, Masta Ace, Tragedy Khadafi, Ghostface, Sean Price and contemporary names such as Mos Def, Talib Kweli and even Lloyd Banks (‘I Can Take You Anywhere’), this NY native has been making quite a name but not enough.

As his trademark was, is and probably always will be soul vocal sampling, he’s been an inspiration for approximately ten thousands of producers, as this has become thé way of makin beats for a lot of contemporary beatmakers (9th Wonder, Kanye, we’re looking in your direction). Also he’s undoubtedly one of those late 90’s aritsts who have made underground hip-hop take a new, groundbreaking and most refreshing curve (Rawkus era and all that). ‘Listen’ therefore is yet again made by the hands of someone who understands the craft of re-enactin emotions and atmosphere through music. It might sound like a simple loop, keyboard arrangement or chopped vocal, but there’s more about an Ayatollah beat, as there is; authenticity, consistency and soul.

It’s gonna be a tight knot, but of all the Tollah's instrumental albums that’ve been released, this is probably the strongest. It’s not much different from the others, but it got some really infectious basslines, some hypnotic keyboard playing, a few old school quotes thrown into and the vocal samples sound more appealing than ever, not soundin too much alike ‘Ms Fat Booty’ or whatever beat he made in the past...just you listen.

POSTED ON 07|03|2006 by cpf

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