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Marcellous Lovelace Nubian Plan It Infinitoone • 2017

With lush raps wrapped in Afrocentrism, inspired on the legacy of the forefighters of anti-slavery (namechecking Nat Turner a.o.), African liberation and revolution, Infinito2017 comes as Marcellous Lovelace over an extremely jazzy production by illustrious producers Cool D and Marc B. 'Nubian Plan It' is Infinito’s thirty-something project and still sounds innovative and fresh.

Lyrically, nothing much has changed as Infinito keeps on 'walking' over the beats. The songs seem to thruddle on at a peaceful pace and Marcelous’ voice puts you in a Sunday afternoon daze, but the lyrical content and the musical richness of the beats keep you alert. 'I ain’t over ya head, I’m right inside ya mind'. And on a extra note, one tends to pick up some knowledge 'The metaphors I use are always backed up by some facts'. Besides being political ('Look at New Orleans, you were left out to die'), spiritual to even religious (quotin 'devil' often), Infinito is braggadocious 'The only purpose you serve is not coming out' and celebrates the divinity of love (in 'Earth Sign Virgin').

Besides addin some dialect and flippin the grammar in an unusual manner, Infinito displays his unconventional style nicely in 'I’m Not Ever Done', where lyrical content and production intertwine, 'Watch the kick goin in another direction' while the kick actually goes flat. As for production, this album introduces two talented beatsmiths who are able to smoothly integrate jazz and soul into hip-hop, by flippin loops, sample sequences and chops over slow drums and irregular kicks, snares and hi-hats. Soul loops as in 'Gold Planet' and 'Gotta Try' are simply done but sound delicious, the piano loop in 'I’m Not Ever Done', the double bass in 'Globalization And The Devil’s Plan', the playful drums in 'Won’t Ever Cry' and the disjuncted production of thick basslines, crazy background sounds and hypnotic wailing make 'Language Presents Knowledge' sound damn good.

With every album Infinito2017 aka Marcellous Lovelace keeps innovatin himself and manages to find a perfect click between his lyricism and the production, findin suitable beatmakers to run with. 'Nubian Plan It' is a harmonious fit between rhymes and beats. It sounds peaceful but with a little black revolution inside.

POSTED ON 07|02|2006 by cpf

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