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J-Zone Experienced N/A • 2006

Behold the first project in a series of J-Zone instrumental albums that’s gonna hit us in our sunbaked face this summer. While usually playing basketball at a grimey court around the corner, J-Zone has been sittin in the lab for some special surprises.

The first one being 'Experienced', a tribute to one of his musical heroes and probably the greatest guitar player of all time. If you’re familiar with J-Zone’s discography than you should be aware of guitars being sampled here and there. Well, 'Experienced' is rock and hip-hop intertwined at its finest, rock through the eyes of a hip-hop producer, not some corny crossover music with rock artists trying to be rap stars, Fred. The ingredients are slow drums with a heavy bassline underneath it, which is J-Zone’s trademark, a guitar loop thrown in, some scratchin and Jimmy’s vocals cut and pasted next to Zone's, re-enactin conversation, which leads to NWA (Eazy-E bwoy), J-Zone and Jimmy on one album! The CD runs only 17 minutes and a chewing gum but that’s just about enough for hip-hop fans to dig it in its entire and Hendrikx fans to discover the ressurection of Jimmy through hip-hop.

Because whether this be for a hip-hop or rock audience, we guess both will be pleased. Except for what Danger Mouse did on the White Album (but then with The Beatles’ music) we don’t think this has its equal in hip-hop. The concept is interesting and the outcome is to be cheered at by any music addept.

POSTED ON 07|03|2006 by cpf

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