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Dumhi They Call Me Bruce Dumhi Productions • 2006

It’s a trend often seen in hip-hop nowadays; groups seeing the light of day after the members have connected with each other through the Internet. People who share the same opinions on, knowledge over and love for hip-hop on various message boards, suddenly meet up in the studio. Where rappers used to form a crew through street connections, the Technological Highway has become the medium for musicians to collaborate. Take Dumhi for instance, with all members being regular posters on the Okayplayer boards. One fine day, they decided to make music together...

And here it is: the second Dumhi (say 'dumb high') experience already. Another hypnotical ride through humorous lyrics, clever concepts by MC’s Mash Comp, Shamelessplug, Insightclopedia Brown and Flud and peculiar beats, served by chef-of-beats Haji Hah, who produced the entire album. Brown and Flud were both but features on the first Dumhi album 'Vote Dumhi', but now team up with the core members, workin together as a solid, well-oiled machine, soundin dazed-out like Heltah Skeltah but sharp and clever like a KRS One’s mind. Playful ('I’m up in ya head like Head&Shoulders, can’t get me out, I’m hangin with ya dandruff'), weededed, fictious but also serious lyrics dominate throughout a 16-track adventure where Haji experiments with samples, drums and chopped bits. Raw ('Flud 7:02-6:03'), heroic ('Anti Super Heroes') and also eerie ('Showcase The Skill'), this album has clearly a dark side but it’s the up-tempo ('The Proof'), 21st century, electronic boombap with a b-boy attitude ('One Two Punch' and 'World’s Largest Posse') and the comical parts (the excellent 'BlowItOutTheWindow' with the duck flutes samples and the cartoonesque, cinematic skits) that really seem to underline the group’s qualities.

Much appreciated guests, that are both hailing from Cincinatti, are Jermiside ('Nasty-ass nigguh, flow filthy as a bum guy') on 'World’s Largest Posse Cut' (the song that tries to dethrone The Roots' 'The Session') where he meets Von Pea from Tanya Morgan, with Pea also featuring on 'One Two Punch' ('This ain’t Diesels these are Sean John’s, I copped em illegal'.

'They Call Me Bruce' is a nice effort with an innovating sound and entertaining lyrics. The members seem to understand that variety is the spice of life and bring together an amalgam of sounds. It’s bright, it’s raw, but mostly it’s amusing, leavin us curious for what’s the next move of the group’s gonna be and with what line-up? Efforts such as this prove that members of a tight rap group don’t have to live around the block of each other.

POSTED ON 07|20|2006 by cpf

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