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Random The Call RAHM Nation • 2006

In the year 2006 Random received the Call. The Forces Of Hip-Hop told him to go and spread his Word. His Word being this third album and undoubtedly the one he should break through with. Because after his debut LP 'Archetype' (2001), the 'Fundamentals' EP (from 2005), 'The Call' is a now-or-never shot for this talented Philadelphia native. Will Random soon spread the Word across the globe? Having listened to album, one should believe so…

'The Call' is a biography, an interesting social document sketched on a canvas of various sounds, ranging from soul and jazz to gospel music. An album about life, love and beats, with a spiritual input, turnin some songs into therapeutic messages. Spiritual and even religious, as the title reveals, just listen to 'Push', 'Salvation' (featuring Wordsworth), 'Luminescence' (featuring Reef The Lost Cauze) and the interlude 'Prayer', which shows Random firm belief, related with his motivation and persistence in making music. 'I ain’t here for the fancy cars, I just came here to raise the bar', he raps in 'Raze The Bar', Random obviously has goals to set some new standards. Don’t get it twisted, this album won’t change the world, nor does it set new musical standards within hip-hop, but his strength in words is encouraging and uplifting. 'Raze The Bar' is also the first single of the album, produced by Samik, and a typical anti-radio, anti-bling bling song, provin Big Ran’s dedication to the art. In the same vein lays the heroic 'If I Wait' featuring an excellent, raw-voiced Hasan Salaam ('Live ain’t fair, so we won’t fight fair, I’m introducing myself as America’s worst nightmare') and Majesty. Soulful and reflective is the 9th Wonder produced 'Tainted Love' (which is unfortunately just a 1:06min intro to 'Motivate'), 'On The Grind' (a dedication to his Moms), 'Tainted Love pt 2') and the lush, piano-infested 'I Still Care'. As for the gospel involved in this album: check 'Don’t Let Me Die', featuring another Philly revelation Hezekiah, holdin a range of live instruments from bass, guitar, harmonica to wonderful soul vocals, only provin the musical diversity of 'The Call'.

Furthermore, spoken word, poems and reflective interludes show that this record has a bit of everything without leaving the Path of Hip-Hop. Already twelve years in the game, but without any mentionable recognition, time has come for Random to set the record straight and 'The Call' might just be that record.

POSTED ON 07|24|2006 by cpf

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