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Ras Beats Balance EP Worldwyde • 2006

European producers and US rappers. It’s a concept that more often goes down, becoming a well-savoured trend amongst rap fans all over the world. American MC’s try to seek for the love and authenticity that runs through the Europe hip-hop scene and its artists, while European hip-hop producers would gladly receive some recognition across the Ocean, the birthplace of their beloved culture and where the underground sidewalks still is paved with mad talented MC’s.

Take the ones on Danish producer Ras Beats’ new EP for instance. Jax, of the ATL formation Binkis, blesses two tracks with his nasal, high-pitched quirkiness and irony, playin 'Hide And Seek' with the beat and celebratin the fact that he came up all by himself ('Nobody Put Me On') over DJ Ras’ down-tempo, head-noddin beats with ill scratches and smooth sample texture. Or Tableek, a veteran on the underground level who makes the good weather with Maspyke, featured on 'New September', where the dubby drum pattern somehow reminds of a Roddy Rod joint. Also invited are SPP WaxWorks' partners-in-freestyle Storm The Unpredictable and Priest Da Nomad, joined by Naturalaw-dp, rippin the mic to pieces on the hypnotic, easy-floatin 'Purely Amazing'. More up-tempo, with piano bits and strings, is 'Everyday' with J-Biz revealing his way of and visions on life.

Six tracks is not much to judge someone’s skills on, especially not of a producer, but what’s on here is promising. Ras Beats won’t stand out in heavy boombap but equals the finer, cool-down work, that won’t grab you by the throat but which takes a few listening sessions from you to discover its programming and arrangement skills. More to come? Hopefully. Soon.

POSTED ON 07|31|2006 by cpf

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