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K-Def Willie Boo Boo 'The Fool' Ghettoman Beats LLC • 2006

Without K-Def hip-hop would be missing some classics. Imagine your favourite genre without the Lords Of The Underground albums, Real Live's classic LP 'Turnaround: The Long Awaited Drama', Da Youngstaz' slammin hit single 'Mad Props' or Ghostface Killah’s killer track 'It’s Over'. It just wouldn’t be the same. K-Def is an essential contributor to the art of rap, an innovator of producing.

And this he proves with his latest instrumental effort 'Willie Boo Boo The Fool', a nice variety of impressively artful tunes. After ditto releases from Jay Dee, MF Doom, J-Zone, Madlib, Dr Who Dat?, Ayatollah, Prince Paul, Geology, instrumental season has never been blossomin more than this time around, giving producers a chance to step into the limelight and really show what they worth behind the boards. Whereas K to the Def is/was known for droppin good ol Boombap on the fiber, he's takin it to a very jazzy, musically rich level with a variety of rhythms and sounds, twitched out of his MPC. Packed with breaks that sound familiar, this is an ode to the culture of cratediggin with samples such as The Professionals’ 'The Godfather' passing the venue. 'Ike Replay' holds the same Ike Turner loop as J5’s 'Concrete Schoolyard' but Mr Hansford flipped in a more spacious, bugged-out way, makin the piano really come through. Comparisons with Dilla’s 'Donuts' can easily be drawn, especially when the same Galt McDermot sample (Dilla used for the track ‘Mash’) re-appears in 'Galt Is Loose'. 'Donuts' holds 32 tracks, 'Willie Boo Boo The Fool' has about 42 exclusive instrumentals smoothly mixed and altered with cinematic, comedy skits.

The versatility of styles can be detected in songs such as 'I’m The King', which is lounge music with a dubby input, easy to be played in a Blue Room filled with a haze of cigarette smoke and an aroma of Rhum and Coke cocktails. Furthermore, the raw, drity sound of 'Anybody Got Budd?', the Shadowesque trip-hop of 'Everybody Wanna Be' and the uplifting strings of 'Ester Is Cool' show K-Def’s continuously growing maturity behind the boards, having become a most complete producer. The mastering is clean as crystal which adds up to the already quality sound that this multi-instrumentalist has brought to the table. 'Willie Boo Boo The Fool' is an album that fits right in your crates in between 'Donuts', 'Special Herbs', 'To Love A Hooker', 'Movie Scenes', 'Beat Journey', 'Itstrumentals' and many more instrumental hip-hop pearls…

POSTED ON 08|26|2006 by cpf

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