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The Green Brothers Everybody's Green Dove Ink • 2006

Enter 2020, in a not that distant future, when marihuana is about to be legalized, two Green Brothers cross the country on a 'Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas'-kind of trip, with a blunt in one hand and a mic in the other. Claude 9 and Highway 411 are celebratin over twisted samples, quivering basslines and quirky drums, talking about their daily habit of tokin the Dutch, supported by movie quotes and short stories.

An album dedicated to the green substance, we’ve heard it before, but we’ve never heard it like this. With most songs clockin in under three minutes, this is quite a short trip but it’s a long enough album to show the duo’s alchemy as they ride a path of creativity and light-hearted lyrics, layered with a sweet coat of green dust ('When the quotes hit the notes, everybody’s greenery'). Claude 9, who is really DJ Eyamme, producer for Illogic’s 'Write To Death' series and Davu’s 'The Sun Do Move', is one of those few producers who actually has a own sound to display. With a unique way of sampling unusual instruments (unusual in hip-hop that is) such as mouth harmonicas ('Highway Is Home'), agitated trumpets ('Brass Man, Brass'), sparkling harps and whirring piano’s (not that unusual but soundin different than other jazz loops), that made 'The Sun Do Move' one of 2005’s most refreshing projects, he creates a hypnotic, Folk-ish and Blues-y production.

Highway 411 (aka Racecar, of Chicago’s revelations Modill) and his weed-perfumed, bass-toned voice accompanies the music, like a Bootcamp MC (let’s say Rock of Heltah Skeltah but with a little less bass) spitting over a hazy Beatminerz production. While celebratin the day marihuana is legalized ('4/20/2020' to be precise), sharing weed-smoking habits with the listener ('On Weed'), 'Takin The Train' and talking frank about booties ('Strains Part One'), he lets us take a glimpse into his imagination and the future. Another 'high'-light is the title track, where the Green Brothers are 'joined' by Illogic, admitting that he cut back on marihuana due to having a family, but 'Every now and then I take a hit to lift my history or inspire my art and spark my creativity'.

Nope, we’re no marihuana smokers, but then again smokin marihuana is not necessarily a condition to like this album, because the entertainment level is high enough. Highway 411’s lyrics and voice are well-matched with the production and concept and Eyamme is close to being the embodiment of creativity, sometimes on the edge of soundin the same but still able to bring diversity. 'Everybody’s Green' is another nice release from Dove Ink, not as great as Davu’s debut album from last year, but it distinguishes itself from the same ol’, same ol’ sound that makes most albums just average. And who knows? For the sake of our friends-smokers, this could be a prophetic album too.

POSTED ON 09|06|2006 by cpf

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