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Dutchmassive Project: Reach Domination • 2006

Herr Dutch VonEpp Ziegler put an instant smile on our faces in 2004 with his fresh and way too underrated debut album 'Junk Planet 2000', with tracks made according to a mid-school code. In between 'Junk Planet' and the upcoming project 'Romanticisizing' ànd a new album entitled 'Music 2 Sleep To' (both on Domination Rec), this small-voiced Equilibrium member, better known as DutchMassive, releases a mix of some of his (and others) finest, dreamiest and jazziest music.

Inspired by life, ('I rhyme like I’m sponsored by life') the things that surround him or just regular daily events ('Hot tub tonight, I be sinkin in it'), Dutch raps with no compromises, talking bluntly about his feelings and habits without any glamorizing, even saying sorry that he’s not workin as much as he should've been in 'My Apology' ('I promise progress'), where he tackles the sax-loop of MF Doom’s beat to King Gheedorah’s 'Next Levels' and a magnificent piano-laced 9th Wonder cut. Inspired also, by the music of Jay Dee, to whom he made the 'Seasoned Emcee' tribute; 'Forget a revolution, I’m motivated by life and stay focused on making good music', Dutch raps. Another musical influence is clearly Digable Planets, evidence of this is the re-make of their hit 'Ninth Wonder', which knits nicely into the fairy-tale jazz that is displayed throughout this mix tape. On the side, Dutch rhymes over some of his own creations such as 'Evaporate' and 'Positive Contact'. Even DutchMassive’s first MPC beat ever ('2nd October') is featured on here, as well as two classic cuts from 'Junk Planet'; 'Me & My Walkman' and 'BusStopBuildingBlock'. Furthermore Dutch’s producer friends bring some hotness; two Surreal bangers (the intimate, dark and moody 'Life Lines' and 'The American Dream') or the excellent Jazz Addix production ànd feature on 'Love'.

Straight-up boombap is represented with 'Earthly Relief' (feat Will WiIdoss) and the unforgettable outro '64 Bars' by Celph Titled, who’s dropping trademark 'I don’t give a fuck'-lines like 'I be buccaneering ya main arteries ya fuckin queer', 'She got an Applebum so why the fuck do we need Bonita for?' and 'I’m Iceberg but not Slim, more of that type of shit that sunk the Titanic', accompanied with Premier beats. 'Project: Reach' will get you right in the mood for Dutchmassive’s highly anticipated, upcoming projects. This is feel-good hip-hop that makes the listener glow from the tip of the toe to the front of your head while settin your mind at ease instantly through luscious moodiness and a funky drap of buttery boombap.

POSTED ON 10|01|2006 by cpf

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