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VA Culturama 777 v3 DVD Music Video Distributors • 2006

In an era where TV only plays 'that wack ish anyway' and the quality of music videos seems to be reduced to Youtube.com standards, it’s crucial that underground imprints such as Peter Agoston’s FemaleFun (in conjunction with Music Video Distributors) release DVD’s like this. Not only does it contain some of the finest underground songs that you’ve heard or haven’t heard, it also grants the listener/viewer a look on how these songs are translated into video language.

Whether it’d be low-budget (Dooley-O’s 'The Soap'), carrying a Myspace concept (Tanya Morgan’s 'We Be'), a story (Self Scientific’s 'Live & Breathe' – we’re in love with the girl!), visual effects (Time Machine’s 'Caught On Tape', the impressive Zion I’s 'Soo Tall' and LMNO’s 'Aerosol Migrants') or having a funny animal running through it (Peanut Butter Wolf & The Stones Throw Singers' 'Rain Of Earth'), each clip has something refreshing to offer and secures your viewing pleasure.

Other highlight videos have a genuine old school touch to them such as the 21st century b-boy anthem 'Minors Into Fire' by 2Mex, the modest, black and white video -with only DJ and MC featured- of GZA & DJ Muggs' 'General Principles', the street vibes of Blue Collar's excellent 'Lovin Me', the humorous production-class-in-session in Prince Paul and Dante Ross' 'Beat Lab' and the house party vibes of Jean Grae’s 'The Jam' (which is an exclusive unedited version of the official video clip). Besides these highlights expect video’s of Substance Abuse’s 'Night On The Town' (featuring Kool Keith!), LA Symphony’s 'Timeless', Himself’s 'This Is For You', The VJC’s 'Strange Arrangement' (what a song!), One Block Radius' 'Loud And Clear' and Awol One’s 'Breathe Today'. Like that ain’t enough, the entertained viewer gets extra special video’s of Dooley-O, Caveman, Storm The Unpredictable, Mr Dead and Big Moosey, and there’s also a video-interview with FemaleFun founder Peter Agoston.

Culturama 777 is a collection of exclusive video’s and ones you’ve most definitely already seen, gathering some of the finest tunes in underground hip-hop, at the same time showing the creativeness that bubbles below the mainstream. Forget about VideoGoogle, Myspace Video, Youtube.com, sit back relax before your television and put this in ya DVD-player!

POSTED ON 10|11|2006 by cpf

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