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Iomos Marad Go Head EP All Natural Inc. • 2006

For a second there, we thought 'I’m On My Own Style' Marad was to never turn back after leavin us somewhat of a classic with his debut album 'Deep Rooted'. Hailed by critics and favoured by the crowd, this album marked the beginning of a promising career. Helas, it remained quiet, very quiet…until now…

Witness the reborn Iomos (pronounced 'Eye-O-Mahz') Marad with an EP that takes away all doubts about whether he’d reach the level of 'Deep Rooted' again or not. An EP that sounds like a summer breeze compared to the wintry debut album that held a far more darker and moodier atmosphere. Most songs have tempting female vocals in the chorus, a catchy hook or an infectious melody with Iomos rappin like he’s truly resurrected as a different person. 'Life is ugly to many, but it’s beautiful to me, I’m reborn everytime I touch mics to MC', he enchantingly raps in 'It’s Nothing', holdin straight-forward drums and some piano stabs, completely à la All Natural, while the catchy chorus line still rings in our head as we speak ('We never loose, we be doin the work, work, work').

At track one 'Don’t Play Dat', this Southside Chicagoan already granted us; 'While ya raps collapse, mines still be runnin laps, surpassing traps and tracks' while he continues on 'Strong Love'; 'Hatred forced me to leave, love brought me back with the power and the force to make an impact'. At the same time, producer Yuani (say 'You And I') is doing a good job impressing us with a variety of productions characterized by playful drums, thick bass lines and a neck snapper in the form of 'War Stories'. Two more jewels that immediately wrapped themselves in our sonic memory are the mesmerizing 'Beyond Space & Time' featuring the smooth voice of soulstress Patience, and 'Jealous Love' where a combination of a whirring flute loop, an aching soul sample and well-structured lyrics – and, again, chorus – solicit for 'best track of the EP'.

The 'Go Head' EP ends with its bouncy title track, produced by 5th Element, containing incentive lyrics and an admirable flow ('I’m just a strong independent, who don’t pop with it, cuz when you pop with it, that mean you so ineffective, uncreative, making your listeners need a laxative'), proving that Iomos Marad is back like he never left, only arousing great expectations for his upcoming sophomore LP. (release date: Nov 7)

POSTED ON 10|18|2006 by cpf

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