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A.G. Get Dirty Radio Look Records • 2006


'Frozen': 'I stay frozen like a coke habit'; A.G. is one of the smallest MC’s physically, but one of the greatest lyrically, 'I belong in hip-hop’s Hall of Fame', as he accurately puts it down himself. With no-nonsense rap and mature braggadociousness, Andre the Giant claims his spot back with the greats over this up-tempo, aggressive Madlib beat (the kind like he pulled for Prince Po’s 'Bump Bump'). A killer intro!

'If I Wanna': Pure ego over a simplistic piano lick, put together by Jake One. 'I double date by myself if I wanna' or 'I do a a capella album if I wanna', A.G. is confident and looks to break his own barriers on this one-man radio show.

'Take A Ride': A little setback here. Madlib goes G-funk but forgets to add his own, much-celebrated creativity.

'A Giant By Design': 'My resurrection is destined, crowned king of the underground with a dirty infection', how well the partnership between Design an A.G. really works on a music level is proven in this song.

'Yeah Nigguh': Norwegian producer Tommy Tee produced two tracks on this album and this is his best. An Alchemist-like, hedonistic production which supports A.G.’s untameable raps going from seducing the opposite sex 'Right from the party she like ice on her body, so when I got her naked she threw on my chain', clever rhyme schemes 'that’s in memory of Amadou Diallo, but keep on frontin that’s what I’mma do to y’all though', and gangsta references, 'I’m on the balcony like Tony Mantana, these nigguz try to hit me at the Copa Cabana, no, not because of keys, because my flow is bananas', provin that he still a 'Goodfella'.

'Say Yeah': We’re afraid the Giant’s impressive lyricism can’t save this club song.

'Triumph': Another 80’s inspired keyboard track that could’ve come from a Giorgio Moroder (read: Scarface) soundtrack, and yes, there’s a Mobb Deep sample in this song! 'It’s death before dishonour so I’m flirting with that', A.G. is 'born again yeah it’s on again and getting dirty is the motto', let there be no doubt about that. Also significant for this album is the remembrance of Big L with Lamont Coleman samples and referential raps 'Big L will never be forgotten, the Big Apple I eat it rotten'. A proof that not every line is a hard-hitter is this far-fetched play of words; 'Without the DVD I SMACK a nigguh'.

'Love': A typical Oh No beat enhancing soulful melancholia, A.G. does the rest; 'we took an oath to be together and forever ain’t long enough'.

'Pray': Even Party Arty can't help saving his first name.

'Real Right Now': Great interlude. DJ Design is an innovator.

'We Don’t Care': Real DITC flavaz! Lord Finesse has only one production on this album but this song here makes it up well. Uplifting trumpets and swirling flutes with a soulful punch of background signgin.

'Gigantic': Not Oh No’s best beat.

'Hip-Hop Quotable': Great minds connect. Jay Dee behind the boards, A.G. on the mic. Now this is a great party track, and no perfect party track without Aloe Blacc in the chorus!

'The Struggle': Show and A.G. on one track is fire, this is a slow-down production but it still sparkles.

'Outro': DJ Design is an innovator.

'Who Dat?': An innovator? Yeah, that’s right, DJ Design puts the Show & A.G. classic 'Next Level' in a fabulous 2006-coat, adding an extra piano lick and arrangement.


+ A.G. is one of the greatest rappers out there, still holdin it down after a 15-year career if not on top of his game.

- An impressive line-up of today’s top underground producers but some beats don’t reach up to their level and that’s a shame because A.G. deserves only the best.

+ We said this before huh? DJ Design is an innovator.

- Getting Dirty in the clubs ain’t always a guarantee for a killer party.

= the collaboration between A.G. and DJ Design is a winning ticket. With a whole new sound and label behind him, Andre Barnes goes on a new adventure, and this requires 'balls'. At the same time, references to A.G.'s earlier work and the Big L tributes signify a haven of familiarity for the older fans...

and no, Big L will never be forgotten!

POSTED ON 10|31|2006 by cpf

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