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Wale Oyejide Africahot! Shaman Work • 2006

Viva Bomma, patatten met saucissen! Wale Oyeide’s back! Might the spirits of Fela Kuti, Mandrill and Oneness Of JuJu be resurrected through this album? We dare to respond affirmative. From the warm electro bass-lines, the funky congo drummin, the cheerful chants of Nubian sisters and the additional sax playing on the first track 'Jump & Funk' to the electrifying bonus Good Foot remix of CL Smooth’s 'I Can’t Help It', which underlines Wale’s affinity with hip-hop, the sounds of this record will turn your bedroom, living room or ball room into steaming Nigeria.

While Wale’s debut album 'One Day…Everything Changed' got him some exposure among the hip-hop crowd, due to the multiple hip-hop influences on the record (and features of Jay Dee and MF Doom), 'Africahot!' diverges from that path and takes a more danceable, Afrobeat route through a jungle of merry melodies, soothing jazz arrangements and whirring drums that seem endless. Besides fully instrumentals, Wale Oyejide interferes with lyrics that hold, besides a motivational and positive, party-esque tone, political and social references. The title track 'Africahot!', 'feeling so hot, we need water' is obviously in the revolutionary vein of Fela Kuti’s phenomenal 'Water No Get Enemy', whereas Oyejide attentions on the problem of AIDS in the electro-smothered 'H.I.V.' and tackles deficits of African society like corruption and famine in the strongly engaged 'The Hunger Pt I'. Voices from the culture of hip-hop are Ta’Raach on the remix of 'One Day, Everything Changed', Scienz Of Life’s Lil Sci 'Lift yo fist up to the sky, we gotta do it' on the uplifting 'Keep Shining', and Tanya Morgan’s own Donwil on 'Good 2 You'l.

And so 'Africahot!' is a great listening experience for musical omnivores, amateurs of uplifiting rhythms and people who fiend for that 'jungle fever'.

POSTED ON 11|08|2006 by cpf

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