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One Be Lo S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. Fat Beats • 2005

Finally a new Subterraneous release! One Man Army of Binary Star brings back the qualtity jazz rap, the group is known for. This time, under the alias One Be Lo, Nashid (as he is also known) emphasizes his underground status. S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. (aka Sounds of Nashid Originate Good Rhymes and Music) contains fantastic loops, funky basslines and thoughtfull lyrics. Lo talks about numerous issues such as 'The Ghetto', his Islam religion ('Questions'), the suffocating media ('Propaganda'), injustice ('Can’t Get Enough'), his difficult past ('The Future') mostly by means of stories and concepts ('Evil of Self').

The greatest thing about this album is that, even with 22 titles long, it never ever bores. Because of the diversity of lyrics and high-quality beats that are, despite the fact that some loops were used before ('The Ghetto' eg.), very entertaining. 'Enecs Eht No Kcab' is a hypnotic and phenomenal piano loop with fierce and clever punchlines: 'Don’t need a major, Indy cars drive me' or 'Everytime I buss kids think they’re on their way to school', jep, One Be Lo is a teacher, following the footsteps of KRS-One. In the up-tempo, Latin inspired 'Sleepwalking', he wakes up those who press the snooze button in the morning and advices them to set goals and go for it. Another up-tempo joint with a magnificent xylophone loop is the sci-fictional 'E.T.'. The song reminds of a Hieroglyphic classic and betrays Lo’s fascination for possible outerspace life. 'Unparallelled' brings back the West Coast funk that dominated the 90s and proves the variation of this very strong album.

The record grabs you by the troath from the first minute and only loosens after the last note! On heavy rotation at our office this one!

POSTED ON 03|28|2005 by cpf

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