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Edan Beauty And The Beat Lewis Recordings • 2005

Now this is not your ordinary hip-hop album! Be prepared to enter a new dimension, the psychedelic world of Boston’s Humble Magnificent, Edan. Since his incredible debut album, he’s still evolved and reaches a point where he lifts rap to a higher art level. 'Beauty and the Beat' is stuffed with dusty loops, psych rock influences and crazy sounds (echoes, reversed samples), drained in old school vinegar.

Contradictory, the golden era revives in a futuristic manner, as Edan quotes in 'I See Colour': 'Prince Paul already used this loop but I’mma keep it moving and put you up on a scoop'. In 'Fumbling Over Words and Rhymes' class is in session, when Edan recites rap innovators over rollin funk drums, only to leave you guessing whether he forgot someone. Lyrically, this album is another step forward in the high-toned Bostonite’s oeuvre. With an up-tempo, sharp and very clear flow, he spits great metaphors and ditto storytelling. Co-lyricists on this album are homies Insight, on two songs, and Mr Lif on the incredible 'Making Planets'. The song begins with a raw organ loop, a bugged out bass line and suddenly changes in a thunderous apocalypse with Lif showin his trademark: an incredible flow and remarkable grammar. Speakin of an incredible flow; Percee P features on 'Torture Chamber', a dark, morbid and hallucinating track on torturing the wack. 'Beauty', with its sparkling flute loop, is truly magnificent and a great example of how to paste and cut old material into something modern. The closing track 'Promised Land' contains lyrics that Edan already used on Count Bass D’s 'Dwight Spitz' but that doesn’t mean they lose any of its strength: 'I fought fear with the hammer Thor lent me'.

'Beauty and the Beat' is a short but terrific album, a must-have with classic allures, made by a music junkie and hip-hop purist!

POSTED ON 03|26|2005 by cpf

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