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Howard Lloyd The Quickie EP Wretched Of The Earth • 2007

From the cew Sputnik Brown comes Musa the Penultimate who changed his alias into his government name for this 7-track effort. Rapping since the late eighties, mostly collaboratin with JVC Force’s Curt Cazal, Musa is looking back at quite a career in rap, some of you might also remember him from the mid-nineties formation House Of Reps.

With this solid EP, which is really a collabo between rapper Lloyd and producer E Tha Grant, the NY rapper will regain the attention of rap fans, that’s for sure. Of how many rap fans is yet a mystery but even with only 7 tracks, clockin at not even 3 minutes each, this piece got potential. The lyrics have maturity (the first, ironic line already shows), his flow is right on the beat and Lloyd’s voice has a slightly raw timbre that provokes experience in life.

After the braggadocious lyrics that stick to the heavy drum, snare and bass interaction in 'U Don’t Want It', Ox (another Sputnik Brown member) and Lloyd are getting braver than bravado on the EP’s highlight track 'Who Stole My Soul?'. A heavy double bass dominates in 'Every Word' while the second best song of the EP, 'Time Bomb', takes it further on a boombap route, revealing the artist’s D&D history.

Yet with only a running time of 16 minutes, this EP prevails some of the great things we can expect from Howard Lloyd and Sputnik Brown in the future, truly reflectin their talent and affinity with hip-hop culture.

POSTED ON 04|13|2007 by cpf

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