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Hylandaz Hostile Takeover N/A • 2007

Conceptualized as a radio show take-over, colourfully underlined with comical skits ('Hylandaz? What they gonna do? Bust out their swords?') by Kevin Beacham and the guys from the Late Nite Hype Show a.o., Hylandaz' newest album is your chance to discover the quartet consisting of Chicago’s Doc West (Single Minded Pros), Billy Bathgate, Omega and Nebulus.

A take-over is something that many underground heads have dreamt of, but sadly remains utopian with a music industry weighing this much on the survival options of any station. The idea is welcome though, and, at the same time, pays tribute to radio programmes who still try to promote the independent music scene. 'Hostile Takeover’ is a collection of songs that displays Hylandaz’ productional as well as MC skills, with Omega and Nebulus proving to be full-blown rhyme spitters. 'Bloodlines' for instance, shows the duo’s raw and metaphorical style blessing the sloppy drum-layered, piano-tinged beat.

Highlight guest is Boston’s mid-school legend Ed O.G. (without da Bulldogs) starring on the melancholic, slow-paced 'Mass Transits' ('Get ya neck split, not like Siegfried’s but Roy’s'). Actually, there’s a herd of underground heroes such as C Rayz Walz in 'Art Of Energy' (rhyming over the sparkling sample of Blackbyrds’ 'Mysterious Vibes', that found forever fame when it was used in Kurious’ 'I’m Kurious'), Binkis Recs (with bouncy raps over strings and funkiness in 'Back to Basics'), Maspyke (tackling a Beatminerz kind of beat on 'Sucker Free', 'Tableek is a mucho bad muthafucker', as the Maspyke front man proves in 'Ernie Kovaks' for the second time) plus Main Flow controlling a Latin guitar-infested beat with a lot of liveliness and bullet-shaped punch lines in 'Opposites', sharing the mic with Seth of Eratik Statik.

With jazz-inspired, progressive and smoothly mastered production, Hylandaz is at the first place a production crew that, however hard to accomplish these days, sets its own, recognizable sound from note one till the last track. The album’s strength lays therefore moreover in production, in hip-hop legends (Ed O.G.) and names that ring a bell or two in the underground.

POSTED ON 04|24|2007 by cpf

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