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Blame One A Complex Burden Polish Pub • 2005

2005 could well be a breakthrough year for San Diego’s Blame One, with Kankick and Exile (Emanon) collaborations coming up. Both producers also did Blame’s debut EP 'Finally', they featured on his former LP 'Chemically Imbalanced' and are present once again.

On 'A Complex Burden', they’re not alone as a variety of up and coming beatmakers layed beats too. Every song on this album is very melodic, down-tempo and support well Blame’s deep thoughts and criticism on the world. 'Hip Hop Hell' is the first song that catches one’s attention through flawless piano-driven production by DJ Day and a sarcastic view on today’s state of hip-hop 'me and DJ Day shine light through hell, he makes beats too nice, I write rhymes too well'. 'Injure and escape' proves that San Diego’s not far from the Mexican border: the up-tempo Latin-flavoured beat, the great Kool G Rap sample 'I enter and escape like a ninja' and Blame takin down the competition is dope. Magnificent is 'Wither and Die' with vocal samples from Gary Bartz’ 'Celestial Blues', the melancholic piano loop and honoust, dark lyricism. Rising underground rap star Main Flow features on 'Alumni', 'The Mind Boggle' has a typical, yet again, dope Kankick beat and 'Obstacles' is a great boombap track that makes us grab for our backpack. The closing track 'Live @ the Show' goes old school with a straight loop and up-tempo rappin by Blame and A. Diction.

First conclusion: Blame One is an excellent rapper who flips different rhyme styles and venomenous lyrics with a sharp perception towards society and wack emcees. Conclusion two: 'A Complex Burden' is an excellent album with profound lyrics and excellent production by some of the most talented producers in the Left Coast underground.

POSTED ON 03|25|2005 by cpf

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