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A-Plus My Last Good Deed Hiero Imperium • 2007

One member of the Hiero crew yet had to release a solo album and now that anticipation is fulfilled with A-Plus’ debut release 'My Last Good Deed', everything you’d expect from a Hieroglyphics member but then again different in its own.

Eerie melancholia is pushed your way through silk production with different live instrumentation and atmospheric sampling. The Hiero concept as we know it. Then again, A-Plus has his rasta background, verified in the reggae-ish opener 'The One' featuring dancehall notoriety Bless Man. Plus, A got his own relaxed but clever ('This my first solo effort, I hope you get it, if you don’t, then it’s copasetic, but no disrespecting, I done earned my stripes, dude made, my dues paid) and humorous ('Got ya girl around my Peter from the moment I meet her') rhyming style bouncing somewhere between the hedonistic raps of Casual and the playful grammar puzzler Del the Funkee Homosapien. Both artists even contribute on songs like the dreamery 'A Beautiful Thing', with Casual, and 'Nothin Fake', the piano-tinged up-tempo beat where Del feels at home spittin amicable rhymes about the chemistry he produces with the Souls Of Mischief member. Among the Compound 7-production (A-Plus and AAGEE) there’s a feature production by J-Zone, who’s tightening his relationships with the West Coast some more, on 'What’s Hannin' created while abiding the laws of a true Zone production: all kinds of distorted samples from the bassline to the repetitive moaning of a woman.

Another decent album from the click that yet has to gather much more respect than it receives now, 'My Last Good Deed' is hopefully not A-Plus’ last solo effort because this fits right in Hiero's extensive and consistent discography.

POSTED ON 06|05|2007 by cpf

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