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Deejay OM Reheated Naan & Curry Galapagos4 • 2007

San Francisco based DJ and producer Deejay OM takes us on an Asiatic trip with this collection of instrumental tracks that could as well be a soundtrack to some 70’s Bollywood movie.

Psychedelic and uplifting and much alike 'Bombay The Hard Way', that classic release by Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow, this album is an imaginative ride through the Far East, best to be consumed in a yoga state of mind, with a water pipe at hand. Dusty drum loops, spooky voice samples and typical Asian instruments are coming together like ying and yang and make rhythms go from low- ('Hindi Whoridin') to up-tempo (the disco-esque 'This Is Breakdance'), referring to hip-hop culture in title and sampling style. Sometimes the arrangements sound too overloaded, and the twisted noises reach the maximum level of bearability, at other times they are artful chaos, but at anytime Deejay OM knows how to arouse the listener’s interests with changes of mood and speed, surprisingly and provocatively.

With this clash of music styles and cultures, Deejay OM, other than his name suspects, is an obstinate producer with a creative even lunatic approach to his music, following the footsteps of greater talents such as experienced break-puzzlers as the mentioned Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow.

POSTED ON 06|26|2007 by cpf

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