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Ill Poetic The World Is Ours Dove Ink • 2007

Following the footsteps of fellow-city representative Hi-Tek, in production as well in sketching urban portrays by words, Ill Poetic has delivered a very soulful album. Traditional, as in obbeying the late nineties production style that characterized many Rawkus and various independent albums, but different than what you’d expect from any release on the relatively new Dove Ink label, with progressive artists like Illogic and Davu & Eyamme (we instantly remind their much-savoured 'The Sun Do Move' debut).

Not really innovative as such, but great in its traditional approach, Ill Poetic’s done production as well as beats with a passionate approach that arouses a tension that is built up throughout the album. His musical knowledge reaches further than A Tribe Called Quest, as proven in 'So Good', quoting artists like David Sanborn, Ahmad Jamal and Sade. Very recognizable but oh so soothing is 'Beautiful' with a relaxing drum pattern, a modest snare, a synth here and there and a soul sample in the chorus arousing mellowness and enhancing appreciation about beauty in life and music.

On a triumphant vibe, 'One More' continues with a faster pace and great appearances by the homie Young Zone, who adds a rawer alternative to Ill Po’s meeker voice timbre, while Wordsworth fresh-flows with quirky word plays over a production that fits well in a row of up-tempo beats ('Sugar Shack' and 'Move') that interrupt the overall slack yet vibrant atmosphere of the album.

Ill Poetic has made an album that reminds of a lot, mostly of music we played at the end of the nineties when we sheltered from a wave of commercialization within our beloved culture. At the same time, he has left the hip-hop listener a token of his own capability in producing and emceeing. On the crossroads of his influences and his own direction, Ill Po has given us a very tastefull appetizer of what is more to come.

POSTED ON 07|18|2007 by cpf

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