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First Priority Music Family Basement Flavor First Priority Music • 1988

The late 80s were dominated by music families such as Marley Marl’s Juice Crew, KRS’s BDP fam, Ultramagnetic and Mark the 45 King’s Flavor Unit... But in their shadow there was the very creative and mega dope First Priority click, not really considered as a crew back in the days but many of the label’s artists worked on each other’s albums, even for years to come... remember collaborations between Audio Two, King of Chill, Barsha, Alliance and Positive K. Somewhere in the year 1988 they all joined forces in the label’s basement to make this crackelackin compilation.

1988 was the ultimate break-through for the label: it’s the year of albums such as MC Lyte’s debut 'Lyte as a Rock', the classic Audio Two’s 'What More Can I Say?' and the fabulous but underrated Alliance’s 'We Could Get Used to This'. The First Priority compilation consists of tracks that didn’t appear on the artist’s albums: exclusive dope material. Track by track is superb King of Chill production with top notch rhymin (Milk D: 'Took her to the farm and I did much damage, call me Chester ya girl’s molester'). There’s a special role for the female mc’s culminated in the feminine 'Victory is Calling' and Lyte’s grimy 'Survival of the Fittest' and also less known rap soldiers such as La Luv, See Que and DJ Soul Shock prove to be skilled artists. Don’t force us to name some highlights caus they all are...

POSTED ON 12|20|2004 by cpf

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