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Uncut Raw First Toke Green Llama • 2007

Imagine a dusty studio, isolated from the outer world, filled up with green smoke from the floor to the ceiling, old soul records playing, ready to be looped and an emcee waiting to rip every single one of them. That’s how this album must’ve been put together.

Music that mostly reminds of MF Doom's (Metalfingerz') beats and Count Bass D production and rhymes that, while we’re making comparisons, seem to come out of the blessed mouth of Mad Skillz. We know where they got their ideas from, but the conceptualization of its sounds is so lovely, we cannot else but to re-listen this album and this album alone over and over. We could name a bunch of loops that were done before, we could name a couple of rhymes that sound familiar, but when the outcome is as refreshing as this, we easily start to think naively that Chicago's Uncut Raw has discovered this style of hip-hop-making. Narrative, cinematic, soulful, blunted, freestylish, there’s tons of adjectives we can use to denote the music, but it just all comes down to the fact that this is good music. Fantastic even.

26 tracks but not yet an hour of recording time, 'First Toke' consists of different sparkling yet gloomy but always soulful tracks. Take a first toke and you’ll never be able to sober up.

POSTED ON 07|18|2007 by cpf

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