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Underclassmen Underclassic Musikvertrieb • 2007

Somebody remembers that real boombap? We mean that reaaal boombap, where tension was built until the thundering snare came in and ya neck popped way more back than you’d imagine, or where you wanted to put on your hoodie and Timberlands and just wanted to shake your head the whole day. We guess we found it, no, not in Brooklyn or New Jersey, but in the land of cheese and watches (we won’t say chocolate because Belgium is), Switzerland.

As a matter of fact the group (Trig, Kaotic Concrete, DJ A.L.K. aka DJ Dimes, Phil Pro, DJ Tray) is comprised of five nationalities (both MC’s are originally from Boston) but they’re based out in 'beau' Basel, making music since 1995. Having collaborations with Donte (Mood), K-Otix and deals with Traffic Ent and GrooveAttack on their discography, it was really waiting until today, the release of the 'Underclassic'. From the first song on, neck muscles get tested harder on than cyclists on EPO, with a pounding snare and a KRS One sample in the chorus, bringing back that moment we knew boombap was back when we first heard KRS-One’s 'Return Of The Boombap' album. Next song is the up-tempo 'No Good' with an addictive soul sample; 'Many years in the making now we rise from the rubble, from the bottom to the top just like Alcazeltzer bubbles'.

And what’s better to launch a rise with a few well-known names? The brutal alliterator RA The Rugged Man for instance would go perfectly with the rawness of the emcees’ voice timbres, or Wordsworth with his lethal flow would definitely murder those beats, or, or Celph Titled, with his frank humour and attitude or no, no wait, what about the Prince of freestyle Pumpkinhead? All taken care of! This five-piece Suiss armada invited all of them and turned 'Hold Fort' (feat RA), 'Mind Your Business' (feat Words), 'Fashion Show' (feat Celph) and 'Raid' (feat Pumpkinhead) into international bravado-songs. Don’t get us wrong, the Underclassmen won’t be evaluated on the talent of their guests, because with 'Underclassic' they have left behind a signature that reveals craftsmanship and passion, but names like these just add the extra amount of pepper that spice up the whole.

Boombap in 2007 is possible. The beats migh not sound as dirty as in the heydays due to today’s more sophisticated mixing apparature, but the lyrics add that raw edge that is needed for the first-hour fan, addin extra flavor to the party of any of you celebratin the comeback of the B-word. Suiss made!

POSTED ON 08|19|2007 by cpf

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