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Wiz The Book Of Wizdom N/A • 2007

Jake One, Blue Scholars, Common Market, Abysinnian Creole, Boom Bap Project and the whole Oldominion crew, Vitamin D, the list goes on…Seattle is blooming and blossoming with talent, an area where each artist inspires and uplifts one another. Next up is Wiz, who recently released his debut album 'The Book Of Wizdom'.

With a voice that comes close to A.D.O.R.’s and Dutchmassive’s (just to pick some for our loyal readers), Wiz seems to be a hip-hop adept in the first place, the name Big Pun is dropped here and there, 'The One' is partly inspired by a KRS-One philosophy, 'Summertime Madness' has the chorus of Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s 'Summertime' and Pharoahe’s 'My Life' is paraphrased in a song with the same title. While Wiz is still not to be compared with the aforementioned rappers, he does have a gift to share his experiences and influences with the listener. The more intrinsic 'In The Flesh' ('Optimism I never had that, try to fit in with all crowds like I’m Mike Jack'), the bluesy 'Want More', the ode to his Mother 'My Everything', 'Just A Person (Insecurities)' (the title says it) reveal a courage rapper that openly talks about feelings that never even would be associated with a rapper in the first place.

On a production level, Dream Team takes credit into the album’s strength (there’s also a track by Epidemmik) with a variety of beats that are put together with pieces of soul, funk, Blues ('Want More') and even country ('Valley Of Rain' and 'Put In Work'). Boombaply heroic is the collaboration with Detroit’s Octane and Illicit in 'The Facts', the most energetic track on the album.

Wiz’s book is one of many stories and many sounds, many experiences and influences, it’s entertaining, it’s confronting and it’s never boring. Wiz could still grow as a rapper, the mastering of this record could be better, but it’s these flaws that at the same time give a certain authenticity to it or as Wiz concludes: 'This is my words, this is my heart, this is my feelings, this is my life, baby, thanks for purchasing'.

POSTED ON 09|26|2007 by cpf

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