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Zimbabwe Legit House Of Stone pH Music/Pro Se • 2007

Brothers from the Mother, Akim and Dumi Right, came from Zimbabwe to the 'Land Of Opportunities' more than ten years ago to do what no other African rap artist had done before; signing with a respectable US label (Hollywood BASIC). Then, under the guidance of the David Funkenklein, they stood at the beginning of a promising career, however sadly shattered by the sudden death of their protégé and due to multiple label mess-ups. In 2005, we were proud to witness the comeback of the duo, and in particular 'DoomE', who released the album 'Of Unknown Origin' with Pep, while, at the same time, Zimbabwe Legit came back in the picture while Glow-In-The-Dark re-issued most of their older stuff.

Two years later, the new Zimbabwe Legit is ready to make noise with the much anticipated new album 'House Of Stone'. And what a comeback…stylistically this reminds a lot of the OUO album, most production is handled by Cadence of Raw Pro in his well-known jazzy ways, with a horn here, a piano lick there and some straight-up to smooth drums underneath it. Lyrically, Akim and Dumi Right are pushing their levels through the motivational presence of old school legends Chubb Rock, Skillz, Mike G of the Jungle Brothers, Prince Po and YZ and underground heroes like Vast Aire, Asheru of Unspoken Heard, Stic.man of Dead Prez, Breez Evahflowin and Apani B Fly Emcee. A line-up full of grandeur that adds a festive flavour to this celebration of rap. Introspective ('Still Trapped') (Hen Boogie production) as well as retrospective ('Where I’m At'), the two cousins deepen out their songs with narrative lyrics and a warm melancholic production to it. Ditto warmth in 'Evil That Men Do' with an easy sax-infested beat and Prince Po hittin it hard.

But it’s the combination between fast and slow, peaceful and partyesque, rough snares and easy kicks that gives this album an entertaining cadence (no pun intended). 'My mic might erupt, I’m Vast Aire, I talk like a volcano', the former half of Can Ox opens in the energetic anthem ('They need to ship out or shape up') 'Wake Em Up' while Chubb -'lyrically I’m The One it’s been clinically proven'- Rock takes us back to the days when he rushed the stage with Hitman Howie Tee. The bumpy bass line of 'All Over The Map', with some native African tongues, got our head bumpin even more. While the stereo is turned up another notch when the joyful rap dedication –when Brand Nubian meets KMD- 'Gotta Do…' blows through the speakers, celebrating the long-awaited comeback of a group that remained too long in the shades. Meet real rap, meet real Brothers from The Motherland, meet their steelsolid comeback.

POSTED ON 09|26|2007 by cpf

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