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Y Society Travel At Your Own Pace Tres Records • 2007

Recorded in Germany, with Damu from Washington DC on the boards and Insight, from Boston, with the mic in hand, 'Travel At Your Own Pace' is Tres Records’ newest super duo of one experienced and one gifted artist that make their music conform the mid-school ways, reviving mid-school heroes such as Pete Rock (there’s even a dedication to INI, Pete Rock’s group from the mid-nineties on it) a.o. Therefore as a journey into mid school with time travelling as one of the main themes, this album explores the new and the old at the same time.

'This Is An Introduction' introduces the listener to a bugged-out bassline and a Special Ed sample in the chorus with Insight rapping vividly and imaginative 'Don’t be a statue and stare, classics are apples and pears’, controlling the multiple breaks and bugged-out basslines, whether they are superfast or slowed down, with an ease that suits only a veteran rapper. With beats and lyrics going from one pace to another, the auditor can choose his own tempo, as the title suggests. On the single of the album, 'Never Off', Damu flips the familiar sample in a new and refreshing way, with a lazy drum pattern underneath it, reminding of Insight’s production work itself. It's obvious that the producer is influenced by the MC, which is probably a primeur in the rap game.

Tracks that had us from the first listen on, are 'This Advice', with Insight as the philosopher and Damu as the hypnotiser, flippin a beat that will mesmerize the shit of you, 'Dizzy', with some straight up funk 'Not a minute to waste, got to speed up the pace', very much like 'At My Own Pace' where the spirit of Ultramagnetic’s 'Travelling At The Speed Of Thought' is re-enacted. On a easier, jazz tip is 'How Many Of Us' with a piano lick so tasty we lick our fingers of it like we just had our last piece of chicken, and 'Peace I’m Out' that vibes on a soozing loop that could be courtesy of the Soul Brother No 1 himself.

Yeah, you’re right Mister Cynical, this sounds a lot like a go-back-to-mid-school kind of tribute, recycled album, but both artists have proven before to have their very own style, with beats that are innovative and groundbreaking, so if they want to go back in time, please let these two have their fun, let them have their Renaissance moment because they are so damn good in it.

POSTED ON 10|05|2007 by cpf

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