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Musab Slicks Box Hiero Imperium • 2007

Minnesota Slicks aka Musab is better known as Beyond, formerly a member of the Headshots crew (with the early Atmosphere) and founder of the Rhymesayers label on which he issued his first album. Record number two symbolizes a turn, leaving the nest, now being signed to Hiero Imperium. With that, and the name change, Musab is a harder player as he ever was ('I was born flirtatious').

Where he sounds kinda uninspired and conventionally thuggish on 'I ain’t even in the NBA' with lines such as 'The grill on my automobile looks so ill', Musab seems to approach his player status with a satirical take on 'Please Do Not Assume' ('My team took all the clientele from Heidi Fleiss' and 'In the hood I’m good like a bottle of cheap wine') and therefore goes further than your average player. With that, he collects respect from the music lover who stuck to the 70s heritage of a hip-hop, with a Marvin Gaye sample in the aforementioned 'Please Do Not Assume' for example, and surprises the 80s pop-rock adept with a sample of Toto’s 'Hold The Line' twisted in 'BAANG' (the album's lead single) and the Led Zeppelin interpretation in 'Kool Aid'. Besides pimp or hustler, Musab’s a survivor, with a difficult youth explained through different rhymes, such as in 'I Won’t Die'; 'I been to the bottom, swimmin in problems, but givin up was never an option, I came from 2 bucks less than broke'.

Beyond is no more Beyond. Climbing and struggling out of the Midwestern underground, he has transformed into the genius hustler Musab, fond of everything that has made West Coast rap famous for, but still not forgetting where he came from. Musab is an example for most hustler-pimp-player-gangsta-good life rapper on how to bring their music to the forefront, but at the same time you can ask yourself if a rapper of his allure shouldn’t be expanding his themes beyond the pimpin and survival.

POSTED ON 10|18|2007 by cpf

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