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YZ Sons Of The Father Tuff City • 1989

Blazin album by YZ, the New Jersey Crocodile Dundee MC and member of the ESD Posse and Blackwatch Movement. The LP is produced by Tony D and equals delicious mid-school hip-hop. Famous is the track 'Thinkin of A Master Plan'... it’s also on the multi-platinum party hip-hop compilation by Kenny Dope.

The album opens with the fantastic 'In Control of Things' with a famous Vicki Anderson sample (also used for Black Moon’s 'Son Get Wrecked RMX', Big Daddy Kane's 'Calling Mr. Welfare' and Gangstarr’s 'No More Mr Nice Guy'). 'Back Again' is up-tempo funk with YZ rhyming with skill, funny lines and conscious lyrics: 'I am a prophet, a Minister of black men'. Ease down with 'I’m Working', a cool-down song with a lovely piano sample and a mysterious, soulful voice in the hook.

The second part of the album is party time: the hip-house track 'Spank-Ed' and the ultra funky songs 'Who’s that Girl', 'Diss Fo Liar' (where the Crocodile Dundee theme returns) and of course the hit single 'Thinkin of a Master Plan'. YZ dropped an EP in 1991 with some cuts from the 'Sons of the Father' album, a few new tracks and an instrumental of 'Thinking of A Master Plan'. Two years later YZ released a great second album with production from the Trackmasterz. Check them all. Dope!

POSTED ON 11|28|2004 by cpf

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