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dumhi 3 Seats From Heaven N/A • 2007

Yes yes y'all, dumhi is back with their third effort in three years, and as we know, three is a magic number. '3 Seats From Heaven' is once again a celebration of having fun ('Club hopping cause we’re not on the guest list') and smoking the green stuff (plus trying to place the term 'weed rapper', that they are often labelled with, in the uptempo funk jeopardy of 'Bump Dat'). Or about not being signed; 'Here I am in another damn studio, dedicated to what I’m doing like it’s my duty yo, this shit’s my job even when I’m at work' it goes in 'Purple', a celebration of being independent, and at the same time a cry for recognition of talent ('This is for the dude outside of Fat Beats, getting ignored all day, knowing that he’s nasty').

Besides the fact that they mean it, they rather mock at it (see also the very danceable 'Toast Of The Town'), and while not taking too many notice of criticism and glamour, they’re becoming a more cohesive music collective. With a sound that has evolved from the last two albums and elevates itself towards heaven, dumhi is already a lot more than a handful of Internet MC’s who found each other over at the Okayplayer boards. A group, although the line-up shifts up now and then, that combines different interesting voice timbres (from hypnotizingly raw to pleasantly hazed, perfectly proven in a song like 'Two Hands') and verses that alter each other, tag-teamin like they’ve been working together for over a decade. Since 94' for example, a decade celebrated in '94 Style', with a guest appearance of NYOIL (aka Kool Kim of the UMC’s is back) and Jermiside, known from his excellent collabs with Brickbeats.

Take the humour, take the smoothness, take the consistency and throw it all in a pot full of soul-and funk-blended beats, with samples played back, distorted noises, showing a cartoonesque character, and you’ll have a combination that’ll take the listener on a trip, direction: sky, destination: heaven. There’s obviously more than three seats between underground and heaven, but with this record dumhi makes us forget that gap for a while.

POSTED ON 11|29|2007 by cpf

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