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Sophistic It Is What It Is N/A • 2007

Three years ago we found an album in the mail by The Second Thought Crew, a LA-based quartet with MC’s that sounded hungry as wandering wolves in the woods, with nice jazz-influenced beats and bringing back that particular West Coast vibe that characterizes groups like The Pharcyde and Hieroglyphics. Their debut 'It’s About That Time' was oracled by our reviewers as the forebode for a promising career, that now seems to be embodied by former front rapper of the group, Sophistic, who’s purchasing solo success since early 2007.

Sit back, relax and listen to what Sophistic got to say, because like a true Sophist rhetoric and philosopher he's bringing narrative lyrics that unwind his visions on life and music. Whether it's about himself ('Sophisticated Man'), his past ('Everybody's Has A History') and his goals ('You Do You'), chatting up a woman ('It's Amazing'), love ('Can You Handle It?'), the music industry ('I'd Rather Be Broke'), -gasping for breath- politics (in particular Bush of course) ('The Plight For Power') or the history of rap ('She Ain't The Same No More'), he’s able to catch your attention and hold it tight until he has laid down his last verse. Underneath it all lays a soundtrack that holds soulful beats reflecting melancholy, joi-de-vivre and persistency, whether it’s LifeRexall (known from the ShapeShifters) flipping an up-tempo headnodder, ID throwin in an electrifying guitar riff or a lush down-tempo beat crafted by the protagonist himself.

'It Is What It Is' is a sober view on life, critical and sharp, with a soulful undertone, an album that confirms our earlier suspicion that these musicians (now in particular Sophistic but his former crew members DVS One and Elokwent also appear on the album) would build up a rep in the LA underground and beyond or even above. Our suggestion: don’t have second thoughts about buying this album.

POSTED ON 03|05|2008 by cpf

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