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The Aztext The Sacred Document AZT Records • 2007

Up for free download is The Aztext’s sophomore album 'The Sacred Document', a hip-hop trio from Vermont. Vermont? Yep the city known for its D.O.C. cheese, trout fishing and we wouldn’t have a clue of what else. But on dodging the risk of makin you surf away from this link, we’ll try to convince you to click it.

Under the motto 'never underestimate the unknown', the trio of MC’s Learic and Pro and DJ Big Cat, names that don’t ring a bell with most of you, is the kind of group that takes you by surprise, straight from the beginning or, when you was rolling a blunt at first, right in the middle. Either way, they take your attention like Janet at the Super Bowl, whether it’s through their secure, well-structured but yet fresh rapping (the way they alliterate with 'L' or 'P' in 'We Back'), vivid scratchin of well-chosen samples or the infectious, melodic boom-bap ('we’re back with another overdose of boom-bap, tracks that will blow your stereo in two, jack!') by in-house producers such as Dub Sonata, Special Weapon, E Train or Touchphonics.

Underground heroes One Be Lo (on 'Lettin You Know') and Mac Lethal (on 'My Kingdom') are compatible to the sound of the album, and while their debut release from 2006 'Haven’t You heard?' remains mostly negatively answered (literally, in sales, and figuratively, as in an answer to the question in the album title), 'The Sacred Document' is your and their chance to get acquainted with each other.

POSTED ON 03|18|2008 by cpf

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