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Fat Ray & Black Milk The Set Up Music House • 2008

Two third of Detroit’s BR Gunna, aka the group mostly known for their 'Dirty District vol 2' album and productions on Slum Village’s 'Detroit Deli' or – and their solo names will ring a bigger bell by now- Fat Ray and Black Milk, are releasing this 11-track EP on Milk’s own Music House, which makes Black Milk one of the busiest artists of the year, with also collabos with Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and a solo record coming along in the ‘08.

But first this appetizer, with Fat Ray in a well-deserved spotlight. Ray’s raw, unpolished voice with braggadociousness and Detroit gangster grill, draws attention and, with terrific guest spots by Elzhi and Phat Kat (on the hypnotic 'Focus On'), Guilty Simpson (on the Delidirty 'Bad Man' – 'a man makin money in monstruous ways'- with a dissapointing, out-of-context reggae chorus), that’s quite remarkable. Fat Ray is keeping this album lyrically strong, alternative to a recurrent flow and overly lush -even uninspired- rhymes 'What it sound? Soundin like King Kong' by Black. But then again Black Milk is a great producer and without him this wouldn’t be as Motor City Gritty as it is now. Great tracks, that truly denote him as the rightful sound heritage of Jay Dilla, are the menacing 'Take Control', the up-tempo 'Not U', the organ-infected 'When It Goes Down', and the piano-fringed 'Ugly'.

While awaiting the promising releases (see intro) that are coming this year, Black Milk is keeping us on ice with mostly great productions and finally fully introduces us to the knuckle-walk raps of Fat Ray the Gorilla, say 'gutter'!

POSTED ON 03|27|2008 by cpf

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