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Giant Panda Electric Laser Tres Records • 2008

The LA-based trio of Maanumental, Chikaramanga and Newman aka Giant Panda is back with their sophomore effort 'Electric Laser', combining uplifting funk (trademark Tres Records of course) with the sound of Han Solo's laser sword into a delicious blend of mid school and future school hip-hop.

The up-tempo drum roll of 'Justin Case', the ticking clock-sound of 'Ready To Fly', the discoesque flair of 'Speakers Pop', the Japanese rapping (they called it 'rapanese' on their first album) in the old-schoolish 'Precise Calculator', the relaxed vibes on the girl-pleasuring 'CinemaX', and the excellent closer 'Speakers Funk' are the foundations of this house of fun, where sheer creativity and jolly punchlines are the cornerstones.

The album clocks in at almost three times fifteen minutes, not that long but it makes sure that every second is well-worth your appreciative attention. Exciting from start to finish, and a follow-up that transcends the mid-school dedication feel of their debut album, giving the group a more distinctive and peculiar sound.

POSTED ON 05|19|2008 by cpf

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