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Grip Grand Brokelore Look Records • 2008

Back from Brokeland, California, after he left us three year waiting after the semi-club banger 'Poppin Pockets' (featuring DITC AG and singing 'my lyrics ain’t the only gold that I got in my mouth'), is Grip Grand. The Californian rapper, who exceptionally well fits into the progressive underground aura that DJ Design’s Look Records displays, returns with an album that outstands in raw lyrics filled with sarcasm, reality checks, braggadocio but -yeah- most of all sarcasm (the excellent, schizophrenic 'Love/Drama'), lively drums, breaks Bluesier than the Mississippi River but still funkier than Rufus Thomas’ penguin, still sounding very 2010. Show time!

'This is a masterpiece and I painted it', Grip teases in the intro, after which he underlines his statement with 'Hip-Hop Classic', carrying some beatboxin at the core (we’ll bet a grand on it that it’s Buffy!). Slow-paced tracks (the gloomy 'Tomorrow' – 'put a flower in your rifle' and the guitar lick-infested 'A Penny' – 'I hope they remember when I end up penniless and forgotten about’) vary with up-tempo bangers (the scorching 'Paper Cup' featuring an unleashed Percee P and '96 Tears' which is aggressive lyrics over one nasty, slammin funk break beat) and winds up in the retrospective outro 'Remember The Time', which would have fitted right into the movie score of 'No Country For Old Men'.

And so Grip Grand leaves us with a raw and bitter soundtrack to Brokeland, a hip-hop record that ain’t your usual hip-hop record, craving deeper, and stylistically wrapped up in a progressive, versatile soundscape, keeping it funky-fresh besides all of the melancholia, following in the footsteps of genre heroes such as Atmosphere and Sage Francis.

POSTED ON 05|31|2008 by cpf

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