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People Under The Stairs Fun DMC Gold Dust Media • 2008

'Fun DMC' isn't going down as the greatest play on words in hip-hop history, but its philosophy goes way back to the origins of our beloved music genre. 'All we need is fun' the chorus echoes in the opening track 'Swan Fever', and making fun is what the People Under The Stairs have succeeded in with their sixth album in a career that already spans a decade ('ten years in pushing, here's a toast to the grind'). Evoking that authentic feel of having fun with hip-hop music and hip-hop music only. No we and ours have never been at a Bronx block party back in the seventies but by listening to this record we can simply imagine ourselves being at a local park having a party annex barbecue with Grandmaster Flash cuttin breaks, b-boys spinning around and Busy Bee warming up the crowd. One exception: Thes One and Double K are from the Sunshine State and perfectly integrate a lush and warm West Coast mood and atmosphere into their tracks (for example the anthem 'California' – 'we only got one season and we call that fun'), the reason for that being that they actually went onto the streets and recorded at different venues, from BBQ's to parties, right in the streets of South Central even.

In much ways this album resembles to their earlier recordings, from the first one 'The Next Step' to the previously released 'Stepfather', but then again the duo is really underlining and strengthening their well-known style of dusty funk breaks, plain scratching and loose raps about everyday activities like listening to rap music, having a BBQ (recurrent throughout the album), finding the best weed in town, chasing the nicest women ('Love Theme'), about simply having fun whilst being broke or -worse- with a pregnancy lurking around the corner (the excellent 'A Baby' describing the fear of taking responsibility as a dad). Besides that, the group stands for creativity, from the way of recording to the production approach of Thes One, who again surprises with fresh loops that have never been unearthed before and inventive sampling, for example in 'Gamin On You' where he uses Atari and Nintendo-esque noises.

And so 'Fun DMC' is the culmination of the duo's ten years' recording, the perfect party one can have when they celebrate a decade in hip-hop, going back to the very essence of it. 'Let go of the violence' and dance to the 'Riddum' of fun, because PUTS’ latest reminds us all of what making hip-hop music is actually all about.

POSTED ON 10|22|2008 by cpf

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