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Git Beats Say Cheeze Usedwax • 2009

Heads might know him from his appearance in the diggers’ documentary 'Deep Crates', walking rap encyclopaedias will remember that he was once signed to Payday Records, and really, really attentive rap fans will know him from collaborations with his group T-Weaponz. In other words South Bronx producer Git (say 'Jit' after the original B-boy) Beats doesn’t ring much bells among the crowds, but being able to add artists like Prince Po, Goretex, Raekwon, Rock of Heltah Skeltah and LadyBug Mecca to your debut album’s guest list ànd releasing it on the 6th of January (practically no other releases in the wee hours of the new year) should clear that up.

'Say Cheeze' suspects a play on words from the mind of a crunk artist but don’t have it mistaken: Git Beats truly sticks with his background and upbringing on this mid-school NY influenced record. Drums are all-present, scratches are all over and the jazzy influences tell why he’s been signed to Payday one day. One Day, because nowadays his sound has smoothened (also: synthed) up, and unfortunately the rawness that charachterizes one song totally fades away in another one. Example: the utterly cheezy 'How I Do' following the rough-edged 'It's Been Such A Long Time' featuring Heltah Skeltah's Rock in top shape.

Although it's not always the more experienced who's an extra added value to this album. We were more charmed by unknown rappers like Andyill or Sham than we was by Raekwon's lesser performance (Prince Po and Ladybug Mecca do give this album an extra dimension). Git Beats' production holds it down well throughout the album, some guest features don't, but overall this is a nice debut compilation.

POSTED ON 01|27|2009 by cpf

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